Saturday, April 11, 2009

Leslieville Lofts for the 20 and 30 something crowd

If you want to find a new Toronto loft to start a new life, then Leslieville Lofts may be just the right place for you. It rises at the corner of Kintyre Avenue and Broadview, dotting the Queen Street East stretch. The Leslieville Lofts is targeted mainly for the 20 and 30 something crowd as its location is close to retail stores, restaurants and clubs.

The Queen Street East has been bustling with activity over the last six months and definitely is a great neighborhood. As the last truly undeveloped area of Toronto, the east end of Toronto is intensifying.

For those in search of that "close-knit" feel, Leslieville Lofts is perfect for you. It rises within that community context, among established neighbours. The building’s residential area is eight-storey, offering 140 loft designed units. One bedroom unit range from 450 square ft. while the penthouse is at a spectacular 2,265 square ft.

The building is gearing towards a more modern style and away from 'historical warehousing', as with the vision of the designer of the Leslieville Lofts building. He added that the structure will have a top accented by glass and a distinct base which is in context with the warehouse nature of Carlaw. There will also be balconies to give it a contemporary edge.

The loft is dressed to impress, offering attention to small details and quality finishes. The industrial nature of the area is reinforced, with the use of concrete ceilings and concrete feature wall in almost every suite. Aside from that, the loft is also built in with what everyone is used to in these modern lofts – top of the line finishes.

Adding richness to the overall appearance is the engineered hardwood floors. Making housework less daunting are washers/dryers and four stainless steel appliances with gas stoves. High gloss European cabinetry and double fixed stone countertops adorn the kitchens. Custom designed vanities showcase the contemporary bathrooms. Finishing the kitchen and bathroom spaces beautifully is an interesting array of porcelain and glass tiles.

So if you are still searching in the Toronto area for a close knit neighborhood, the Leslieville Lofts real estate may be just for you.

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