Friday, April 10, 2009

In Harmony with Nature: Concord Cityplace Grand Parade

Nestled in the city of Concord is a new condominium complex- the Concord Cityplace Grand Parade. Toronto’s newest comdominium complex is designed to blend seamlessly with the eight acre park for the people to commune with nature. World renowned architects, Kogn, Pedderson, Fork of New York and London designed this masterpiece.

A Parade of Talents is what the structure suggests. People can get together here to experience a true celebration of life. The goal here is to live surrounded by the glorious history. The park which is 8 acres in size is inspired by the design of Farvaag Smallenberg, Greg Smallenberg the judgment and taste of Karen Mills, a Consultant for Corporate Art. It is a tribute to the insight of artist and author Douglas Coupland.

The park is made to be a site of regular Toronto folks, the average folks regardless of gender and age, who may use the park on a regular basis and become a living testament to the city, region and country. Intellectual, emotional and physical level will be involved in these aspects. The park will also serve as a memorial to a running/jogging/walking path for Terry Fox, considered as one of Canada's hero. The Terry Fox Miracle Mile will serve as an inspiration to follow the footsteps of Foc who won the hearts of the country with his courageous Cross-Canada run in 1981 to be able to raise funds for research for cancer.The park is not the only amenities of this area. There is also a 24 hour concierge, day care, pet care centre, state of the art gym and billiards room. It is also accessible to many shops.

Parade has 2 buildins. Building U is an 18 storey building with 382 units has suite sizes starting at 561 square feet for 1 bedroom. Its suite prices start from $233,800 On the other hand, the 38 Storey Building V has suite sizes starting at 468 square feet at 1 bedroom. Its suite prices start from $251,8000. Both units has parking prices of $28,000 with lockers at $3,500.

The occupancy for this real estate gem in the city of Concord, Toronto will start in February 2010.

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