Friday, April 10, 2009

Advertising Real Estates: On Print or On the Net?

Nowadays, there has been not only competition between realtors but competition of advertising through different mediums. The new age meant new technology with real estate advertisement through the internet. But just how much is print media affected?

According to the editor of Realty Times, Blanche Evans, it is tough on realtors when home buyers resort to going online to get great deals. In his mind, the buyers are beginning to get used to the fancy websites, video tours and descriptions of the property. All of these caused less to make using computers than through print.

“Newspaper advertising should be wary of the threat of the Internet as it is real”, said Mike Simonton, a Media industry analyst of Fitch Rating. “Newspapers should start to feel the pressure and act on this problem”.

Even bloggers feel this way. One blogger from Toronto even commented of the cost of paper flyers in his area of Toronto which is $600. He stated how expensive the agents must have spent with the flyers which may go from mailbox to recycling.

But several representatives from major real estate franchisors have spoken that there is still hope in print advertising. Even with this dawn of new technology, may home sellers still see print advertising essential as a component in selling homes. The internet is more focused on the new generation- with the younger brokers, buyers and home sellers.

Even with this situation, these two types of media advertising can still be linked with each other. New real estate websites have resorted to print media through banners and flyers in advertising their website. Maybe in the future these two industries can help each other grow using real estate.

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